“Forgiveness is personal – Forgiveness is global”

Forgiveness workshop student testimonial 2:15 min 3/21/2010

“Forgiveness and your health”

IPTV interview: Mary Hayes Grieco and Nancy Heather 3:35 min 7/10/2010

“How judgments hurt our health; making peace with a neighbor.”

KATU AM Northwest’s Morning Program (Portland OR) 5:40 min 2/27/2012

“Meet Mary Hayes Grieco” Director of The Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training and author of Unconditional Forgiveness.

For Mary, the mission of teaching forgiveness is very personal. Find out why. 3:35 9/4/2013

“Eight Steps of Forgiving Another: Overview”

2:55 min. 10/2/2011

“Live demonstration of The Eight Steps”

Mary Hayes Grieco coaches Annette R. in forgiving another. 20 min. 12/14/2011

Author Interview

Mary Hayes Grieco discusses both of her books with Beyond Words host Deb Snyder 60 min.10/23/2013

Other Forgiveness Videos Worth Watching

Here’s a lovely video about the experience of forgiveness, and how it’s really for you.