What Is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness isn’t what you think it is – it’s so much better than that. Study up on this site and get free of what’s been bothering you. Do it for you.

Unconditional Forgiveness

The most readable and user-friendly book about forgiveness out there. Clear and enjoyable!

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The Peaceful Heart

Love listening to an audiobook? Quality teaching, great stories, guided exercises, beautifully produced.

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Forgive at Home Workbook

Do your emotional “housecleaning” at home with this helpful workbook. Use it whenever you need it.

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Save the Date!!!
Spark Your Sparkle Women’s New Year’s Event
Jan. 5, 2025, St Paul, MN

Forgive and Remember.

Turn your bad story into wisdom,
and move on with your life.
You don’t have to talk to them,
or work things out. You can let go
and feel better, privately.

How do you forgive? It’s not hard.
There is a simple, step-by-step method
that you can learn in a weekend and
use for a lifetime…

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Private Forgiveness Sessions

On the phone or in person, get help making the real and permanent change for the better that you have been longing for. Start fresh!

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Family Forgiveness Retreat ( 2-5 people)

After the lawsuit, the catastrophic illness, the loss of a young person, the destructive actions of a family member who is trapped in addiction or mental illness …
the family system needs help finding positivity and equilibrium again. Mary will help you heal the pain, settle the dust, turn the corner and re-set your sense of love and security together.

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Enjoy the Hard Won Wisdom podcast

with Mary and hosts Fawn Germer and Michelle Brigman – from the Women’s Leadership Network


Listen to Mary Hayes Grieco on MPR with host Angela Davis

MPR News host Angela Davis talks with Mary  about forgiveness and why forgiving the people who hurt you the most is beneficial to your health. Forgiveness can transform your experience.