What is Forgiveness?

WHAT is forgiveness? Forgiveness is releasing an expectation that is causing you to suffer. 

WHY forgive?  So you can be healthy and at peace with people and life, no matter what’s happening. So you can hurt less, love more, and sleep well at night. You do it for you.

Forgiveness IS NOT:  forgetting, excusing, giving up, being a doormat, talking to or working things out with the offender; it isn’t getting justice for the situation.

HOW do you forgive? There’s a step-by-step way to do it that always works to give you the relief of forgiveness

The Eight Steps to Freedom (Forgiving another person or a life situation)

Prepare for a change in your life.

  • Step One: State your will to make a change.
  • Step Two: Express your feelings exactly as they are inside you.
  • Step Three: Release expectations from your mind, one by one.
  • Step Four: Restore your boundaries.
  • Step Five: Open up to the Universe to get your needs met in a different way.
  • Step Six: Receive healing energy from Spirit into your personality.
  • Step Seven: Send unconditional love to the other person and release him or her.
  • Step Eight: See the good in the person or situation.

Integrate your change and start living in a new way.

What to learn more on Forgiving Another? Read “Notes on the Eight Steps”.

SIMPLE! You can try it today with something that’s bothering you. 

If you’re ready to get started, get a notebook or our workbook and make a list of people and things you need to forgive. Pick an easier one to begin with, and… go!

When it comes to bigger issues get some help in a workshop or a private session..  

Don’t worry! You’ll get through this pretty soon, once you start. We’re here for you.

There’s a way to FORGIVE YOURSELF too; and that’s a very important thing to do from time to time.

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