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  • Forgiveness: A Concept whose Time has Come : Although the spiritual teachings surrounding forgiveness have been with us for many centuries, in all of the world’s great religions, it appears to be a concept that is coming into its day. There are now thousands of new studies about emotional stress and health, and it appears our public conversation about forgiveness has now evolved from “Why should I forgive?” to “How do I forgive? Read more >
  • Forgiveness Is, Forgiveness Isn’t : There are many misconceptions about forgiveness that we need to dispel so we can embrace the gifts and relief of forgiveness. Resistance to forgiving is common, but it’s time to get educated about forgiveness and embrace a new understanding of what it is and isn’t. Read more >
  • Our Model and Methods : Forgiving Another Person or Situation : In the growing field of forgiveness, there is a plethora of new books and methods that address the challenges of the why and the how of forgiveness. Our model is uniquely effective, flexible, and adaptive to groups and individuals who are affiliated with different faith traditions as well as those who are unaffiliated with organized religion. Rooted in holistic psychology and universal spiritual principles, we offer you an Eight Step method to forgive another person or situation, and Five Steps to self-forgiveness. Read more >
  • Origins in Psychosynthesis : Our method is rooted in Psychosynthesis, a holistic psychology theory first developed by Dr. Roberto Assagioli of Italy, in the mid-20th century, and continued by Dr. Edith Stauffer LP, PhD, of California, who crafted this forgiveness method in the 1970’s, using psychosynthesis principles. A unique approach that allows for truly transformative personal growth into the soul-illumined person that we hope to become. Read more >

Even More on Forgiveness

Forgiveness in the News

  • StarTribune September, 2015  — “Forgiving Well Leads to Living Well” Mary discusses the latest trend about forgiveness as more and more people are ready to do it instead of carrying resentments.
  • Whole Living Magazine December, 2011 — “Can you Really Forgive?” This article offers a very readable synopsis of Unconditional Forgiveness, and a summary of The Eight Steps.
  • Counseling Today January, 2012 — “Forgiveness and Gratitude” This article pairs forgiveness with another valuable spiritual practice: gratitude.
  • Neuss Perspectives May, 2012 — “Forgiveness: An ancient concept becomes the cutting edge in psychotherapy”. This article for professional counselors was published by the European Branch of The American Counseling Association, a network of therapists who work with American military families in Europe. This group has sponsored the forgiveness for professionals training three times, in Frankfort, Germany.
  • Minnesota Women’s Press July 2012 — “Mary Hayes Grieco’s Life Path Teaching Forgiveness” A little story about the lifelong nature of Mary’s quest to understand and share forgiveness, and a tidy review of The Eight Steps.
  • Publisher’s Weekly May 2013 — “Everyday Spirituality” An interview with Mary Hayes Grieco that features her process as the writer of The New Kitchen Mystic.
  • Booklist Review May, 2013  — The “trusted experts of the American Library Association” make the case for The New Kitchen Mystic as a must-have for library shelves.