Mary Hayes Grieco

Director, Lead Trainer
The Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training
Minneapolis, MN, USA

meet-maryMary Hayes Grieco is the world’s foremost expert in a specific model and method of forgiveness: Unconditional Forgiveness. She is a respected spiritual teacher in the Twin Cities, working professionally as a philosopher and healer in a variety of venues for more than 30 years, and her work has taken her around the world. Mary is the au­thor of Unconditional Forgiveness – A Simple and Proven Method to Forgive Everyone and Everything, and The New Kitchen Mystic- A Companion for Spiritual Explorers. She works in private practice as a spiritual mentor and forgiveness healer at the Well Healing Arts Center in Minneapolis.

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Mary is known as an extraordinarily gifted healer and teacher of forgiveness. Her academic background at De Paul University includes studies in psychology, speech, and creative writing, and although she has a Bachelor’s Degree, she is more likely to tell you that she has “a PhD in life.” Mary is frequently called upon to train licensed mental health professionals and others with more academic credentials than she has, because of her talent, warmth, and great personal authority in the new field of forgiveness. She has healed her own difficult life stories, and enjoyed a long relationship with her wise mentor, the originator of this forgiveness method. Since 1989, Mary has clocked many thousands of hours of facilitating forgiveness in private sessions and public workshops, especially in the unique laboratory of the weekend forgiveness intensive.

Mary teaching from chart

Mary was the direct apprentice of Dr. Edith Stauffer PhD, (1909 – 2004) who laid the foundations of the forgiveness method. Mary worked with Edith from 1986 – 2000, when she founded The Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training in Minneapolis, where she has continued to refine the work and expand its influence in public and professional spheres. Mary has trained therapists in the United States, Ireland, Germany, and Kuwait, and she was a featured speaker at the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Forum. She was a faculty member of Hazelden’s Renewal Center for sixteen years, leading retreats for people in recovery, and she also taught spirituality courses at the University of St. Thomas. She has brought this model successfully into corporations going through painful re-structuring, providing trainings on dealing with the pain of organizational change. Today, Mary and her colleagues at the Institute work together to preserve, develop, and expand the integrity and scope of this important body of work.

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