Family Forgiveness Retreat

Family Forgiveness Retreat ( 2-5 people)

After the lawsuit, the catastrophic illness, the loss of a young person, the destructive actions of a family member who is trapped in addiction or mental illness …
the family system needs help finding positivity and equilibrium again. After something big and difficult has passed, your family life feels changed and confused. If a few of you have been expressing the need for healing together, consider coming for a Family Forgiveness Retreat. Mary will help you heal the pain, settle the dust, turn the corner and re-set your sense of love and security together.

“We all felt exhausted, cynical, changed … Mary helped my family start to move past this  trauma that would have lingered much longer than necessary. Now we have a new perspective, much clearer heads, and more confidence in dealing with the problems we’re facing.” 

  • 2 day retreat   $2000
  • 3 day retreat   $2800
  • 4 day retreat   $3500

Travel and hotel accommodations not included.


Your Personal Forgiveness Retreat

Come to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a personal retreat and some deep, life-changing work with Mary Hayes Grieco. You will be Mary’s top priority during your visit as she works with you to heal yourself and re-invent your life. Mary will bring her fine intuition and her extensive skill set to bear on your need to turn a corner and live on higher ground. Transform your wounds to wisdom now!

Renew your connection with your soul and Creator, clear away the debris from the past with forgiveness work, and get clear about your purposes and priorities for the next phase of life.

  • 2 Day Intensive: $1600
  • 3 Day Intensive: $2000
  • 4 Day Intensive: $2400

Hotel and travel expenses not included.