The Self-Mastery Program

Your group, your mentor, new tools – your great life begins this year!

Mary and Client

The Self Mastery Program begins in January each year

Each year, a surprising and blessed adventure begins as a dozen students enter the life-changing journey of the Self Mastery Program with Mary Hayes Grieco. What exactly, is self mastery? It’s the process of passing the tests and claiming the wisdom you’ve gained in the classroom of your own life experiences—healing old pain and resentment, breaking out of former fears and limitations, and honing your intuition and talents to live your best life, day by day. It’s connecting with your soul and your Creator in a new way, and stepping up to the happy life purpose that your heart has been wishing for.

With Mary as your wise guide, and the lively companionship of other bright and determined people, you will take yourself to a whole new level with surprising ease.

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“I was in Mary’s amazing Self-Mastery Program in 2010-2011 and it helped me understand myself and my connection to spirit in a foundational and empowering way. I began to practice Mary’s simple yet profound forgiveness process in my life and it has changed the way I interact with myself, my loved ones and the world. I also learned about how intuition guides me in my life purpose. Mary is a magical, mystical, soul mama, and I am so grateful for her teachings!” —Jen Quade, 2010-2011 Self Mastery Program Student


“Mary brings powerful energies to the Self Mastery process, and it is an experience not to be missed. I have 25 years of experience with therapy, deep emotional work, initiation, and meditation, and I’ve never experienced anything like this. If you’re wondering about the next step, take a risk and sign up for this life changing course!” —Eric Mann


“The 2013 Self Mastery Program was a uniquely rich learning journey – personally, professionally, and spiritually. Mary created a safe environment and provided intelligent didactic information on various historical and psychological principles. It was an honor to participate in this experience with Mary and the rest of our group.” —Linda Nausner, MSW, LICSW


“Through this group, with Mary’s expert guidance, I was able to open myself to a new way of viewing myself and the world. I recommend this program to anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their true purpose in this life.” —Tom McManus


“The self-mastery course was a profound journey of personal growth and transformation. Mary is a masterful facilitator and possesses a wealth of knowledge. Perhaps the greatest gift was to go on this journey with a group of people who are now dear friends—special people whom I would never have known or connected with if it were not for this course. I highly recommend the self-mastery course.” —Jennifer Juhler


“Mary has a mind like a diamond and a heart of gold. She is full of magic!” Shelly C. — 2021 Self Mastery Program


2024 Weekend Dates and Topics

January 12-13        
The Wonderful Forgiveness Weekend: Move forward into freedom

February 16-17
The soul-illumined personality & The Path of Self Mastery (Psychosynthesis I)           

March 15-16   
The Act of Will: Focused and Surrendered (Psychosynthesis II)

April 12-13           
Intuition: GPS of Soul & Personality

May 17-18                
Self Love for Life

June 7-8                          
Healthy Boundaries

July and August *** Summer Break

September 13-14           
Lifestyle Lessons from the Essenes

October 11-12                 
Subpersonalities (Psychosynthesis III)

November 8-9                
Your Life with Energy

December  13-14          
Live Your Purpose: Relax and Get Going!