“This week it’s the Living Happiness Radio Hour, 950 AM Radio,

Tom and Patty speak with Mary Hayes Grieco, author of “Unconditional Forgiveness” and director of the Midwest Institute of Forgiveness Training, as they discuss how to forgive.. 53 min. 10/24/15

“Anger is the doorway to your power, but it’s not a house you can live in” was one of many stellar moments in an incredible show. Your wisdom, humor, and compassion all came through throughout. With loads of important info shared–and in a light-hearted way–this was hands down one of my all-time favorite shows. Thank you for your sharing with our listeners.  Patty and Tom

“Dancing with the Energy of Imperfection”

Unity FM Radio Interview: Mary Hayes Grieco w host Janet Conner discussing Kitchen Mysticism, contentment, humility, and forgiveness. 60 min. 7/11/14

“The New Kitchen Mystic”

WAIF Radio Cincinnati: Host Tara L. Robinson and Mary Hayes Grieco in a most lively exchange about the spiritual journey, including the importance of soulful friendships. 60 min. 9/10/13