The Wonderful Forgiveness Weekend

Mary Hayes Grieco Teaching

There is a place where you can safely bring a painful story, and leave it behind you for good.

There is a teacher who is bursting with love and grounded in wisdom and experience with healing the wounded heart. She is able to help you deal with your very worst emotions as you heal your story.

There is a group of ordinary people that are kind and accepting, who will listen deeply and without judgment, and encourage you to have the good life that you deserve.

There is a time, when the darkness from the past dissolves, and the peace and strength of your own soul enters you again – a clear turning point when you know you can now move forward and become your true self.

That time is when you experience the relief of real forgiveness, and the place to find it is at the Wonderful Forgiveness Weekend, with Mary Hayes Grieco. Life gets better now.

The Wonderful Forgiveness Weekend is sponsored by the Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training, and has been taught seasonally in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, since 1989. In a small group (15 people) and an intimate environment, this weekend will make it completely do-able for you to

  • Forgive another person or situation
  • Move forward into your best life

Pre-registration is necessary. Limited partial scholarships are available.

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Call 612-874-6622 for questions and further information.

This workshop has been designed to meet CEU requirements for 12 learning hours for psychologists, social workers, licensed marriage & family therapists, and nurses in Minnesota.

Sample Weekend Agenda

Part One: Forgiving Others and Life Situations

Friday evening: 7 – 9:30

Bringing our community together: creating safe and sacred space.

  • Introductions
  • Overview of weekend and key terms, stories
  • Journal page
  • Grounding exercise
  • Mixer
  • Closing meditation on Unconditional Love

Saturday Morning 9 AM – 12:30 Preparing to Forgive Another

  • Introductions, cont.
  • Review of Psychosynthesis diagram and key terms
  • 8 Steps of Forgiveness lecture and discussion
  • Small group discussion of intentions
  • 15 minute break
  • Small groups; spiritual qualities
  • Meditation on willingness to forgive

Lunch 12:30 – 2:00

Saturday Afternoon: 2:00 – 5:30 Forgiving Another: Do it! 

  • Review of 8 Steps
  • Creating Sacred Healing Space
  • Demonstration of forgiving another
  • De briefing
  • 15 minute break
  • Large group exercise forgiving another
  • Closing


Part Two: Self Forgiveness and Self Love (scheduled separately)

Friday evening: 7 – 9:30

Bringing our community together: creating safe and sacred space.

Saturday Morning 9 AM – 12:30 The Case for Self Love for a Lifetime

Lunch 12:30 – 2:00

Saturday Afternoon: 2:00 – 5:30 Self Forgiveness

  • Discussion of the morning’s experiences
  • Intuition exercise
  • Self forgiveness lecture and demonstration
  • Journal; personal de-brief and prepare
  • Self Forgiveness exercise
  • Closing
Mary Hayes Grieco and Laura

What People Say About This Workshop

The Eight Steps have given me such relief – I feel like I lost a large boulder I was carrying in my stomach. I have a better sense of peace in relation to the issue that I was drawn to work on. Thank you for a wonderful workshop! 

Yes, I believe the forgiveness I achieved is sticking.  I do feel a definite shift in my attitude about my co-worker, and strangely, he seems to have a more positive attitude about me too, even though I never told him I forgave him. The best thing that I’m noticing:  I’m sleeping great at night!

Ever since The Wonderful Forgiveness Weekend, so many of the things you talked about are taking root. My language towards myself and others is much gentler, kinder, and constructive, and it is happening so easily. Life feels softer, and I really feel a positive change of direction, which is a huge blessing. Thank you again for the beautiful weekend.

Since the forgiveness workshop, my creativity has started to come through again. It was blocked for so many years, and it was screaming at me for expression. I am loving it!  I also notice that the irritations I experience don’t last as long as they used to.  I am excited about what’s to come as I complete more of my forgiveness work.